Donating Tickets to Free Jacks Foundation

Free Jacks Foundation, the official charity of the New England Free Jacks, provides underserved youth groups and families of children in New England children’s hospitals with memorable and unique experiences in sports and entertainment in order to brighten the lives of these children, their families, and to help grow the game. 

How to Donate Your Match Tickets? 

All ticket donations must be made five days prior to the game date. All ticket donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. As of December 2021, the Free Jacks Foundation is a registered non-profit corporation going through the process of approval as a 501(c)3 with the IRS. 

Receipts are typically issued within 2 weeks of donation. For more information, please contact Josh Beck at


What does my contribution do?

Experiences like a Free Jacks match allow these children to see a world outside of their neighborhood and introduce a truly global community through rugby.

Donating your tickets allows families time together away from the hospital for laughs and joy at a Free Jacks match. 

Upon making a donation, your tickets are added to the pool of available seats that are then allocated to various youth organizations that fit within the mission of the Free Jacks Community Ticket Program. 


Apply to Receive Tickets, Experience, Memorabilia

Since our inception in 2018 the Free Jacks have endeavored to provide tickets to non-profit organizations throughout New England in order to help grow the game and better connect our communities. Given the large number of requests, ticket donations are limited and must meet specific criteria.

General Ticket Donation

The requesting organization should be a non-profit, registered charity with a primary focus on enhancing, educating, or supporting the lives of youth in New England. Priority will also be given to groups that allow cross promotion opportunities and reciprocal donations, and / or be a sponsor or partner of the Free Jacks working on behalf of a non-profit organization or charity. 

Due to the large number of ticket requests received by the Free Jacks and the intention of the Free Jacks to fulfill as many requests as possible, the following guidelines have been established:

    • To ensure the most efficient and effective fulfillment process possible, all requests must be submitted online. The Free Jacks cannot accept requests made by email, fax, phone or in-person.
    • Please understand request fulfillment is not instantaneous. Ticket donations are done based on home match dates, and available seats, and requests are filled sequentially, therefore a request made in the beginning of the season might not get fulfilled until the last match of the season.
    • If you are to receive charitable tickets, they are to be used by the people you serve. Under no circumstances are the tickets to be sold.

Restrictions may apply on tickets donated. All tickets must be accepted as awarded and hold no cash value.

In order to allow sufficient time to review a request, all requests should be received at least four (4) weeks in advance of the hosted event. Donation requests are processed weekly on Wednesdays.

If the request is accepted, the tickets will be sent to the email provided in the donation request within two (2) weeks of the request. 

VIP Experience and/or Memorabilia Donation

Recipients of a VIP experience and/or a memorabilia / jersey donation must satisfy one of the following criteria: 

    • The organization should be a non-profit, registered charity or the donation must be requested for use in fundraising on a charity’s behalf. The event should be a community fundraising event and/or be family-oriented or sports-related with substantial impact on the Free Jacks region or fans.
    • Be a sponsor or partner of the Free Jacks working on behalf of a non-profit organization or charity. If you’re a sponsor or partner, please speak with your Account Executive.

In most cases, each charity or requesting organization will only be eligible to receive one donation per event calendar year. Please be advised that a donation to your charity may have already been issued through another event. Exceptions are to be made only by the Free Jacks Front Office Staff and on a case-by-case basis. Restrictions may apply on tickets donated. All tickets must be accepted as awarded and hold no cash value.

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