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 full contact ceo – with alex magleby

 Pathways – with the Free jacks


 blood, sweat, & Beers


FULL CONTACT CEO – With Alex Magleby

Alex Magleby is a Full Contact CEO. As former team captain of US National Rugby Team, Coach, Manager, and now the Co-Founder & CEO of the New England Free Jacks, he has seen it all. Through interviews with high profile athletes, CEOs, coaches, investors, and executives, he pulls back the curtain on the business of sports, media, and entertainment as he builds his startup – a professional sports team, The New England Free Jacks. Tune in every week to listen in on his raw, authentic conversations with the who’s who of the sports, media, and entertainment world.

Blood Sweat, & Beers – with Kristie Kirshe and Tami McQueen

Blood, Sweat, & Beers is a weekly podcast where USA Women’s Eagles player Kristi Kirshe and Free Jacks Head of Marketing Tami McQueen chat about culture, business, sports, and pretty much anything they have an opinion on. And they have an opinion on everything. From Barstool to Biden. From relationships to rugby. From stocks to scandals. Crack open a cold one and join Kristi and Tami every week at the bar for their unfiltered conversations on America’s #1 all-female sports lifestyle podcast.

Pathways – with the free jacks

Experiences, sacrifices, collegiate-club to pro rugby. Challenges and positives. Tune in to learn about the growth, future and development of rugby in the United States with the New England Free Jacks, Boston’s first professional rugby team.
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