the 1st Regiment


The 1st Regiment was established on July 4th, 2021, as an independent supporter’s group of the New England Free Jacks Rugby Club.

The mission of the 1st Regiment Supporter Group is to be an all-inclusive group with the purpose of supporting the Free Jacks on and off the field. Through our shared passion for the game, we look to grow a family of like-minded fans to enhance the game day experience for all and to help grow rugby in New England.

 For more information please email Kenny Thomson at:


Chants and song list of the 1st Regiment can be found here.


What is a supporters Group

The Free Jacks Supporter Groups are the manifestation of our core beliefs as an organization. Growing the game of rugby, encouraging others to join in, and of course having fun. These groups provide Veterans Memorial Stadium, a.k.a. Fort Quincy, with the electricity and excitement we all love on match-day! 

First and foremost, we want everyone to enjoy their game-day experience. In order for this to happen, we act in accordance with “The Free Jacks Way” and the official Code of Conduct. We bring the noise and the fun while being safe and the most respectful fans in MLR. 

We celebrate the Free Jacks success and respect the on field officiating. We uphold the standards of respect laid out in “The Free Jacks Way”. Chanting should be kid-friendly and respectful of the opposition and the match officials, otherwise cheekiness encouraged. 

Mission and purpose


The mission of Free Jacks Supporter Groups is to grow the game of rugby in New England and have a BLAST on match-day. We work with club management to enhance all aspects of the supporter groups. We promote the game of rugby by creating an incredible game-day atmosphere that is open to everyone. 

The Community Board

Members of each officially recognized supporter group will meet monthly in-season with the Free Jacks Community Manager and quarterly in the off-season. 


Liaison between fans and front office:

  • What do fans want more of? 
  • What experiences are working / not working? 

Welcome people into Free Jack’s family:

  • Explain and promote our values
  • Help reach out to new potential fans 

Heighten game day experience:

  • Provide fans another touch point of community when they enter game day atmosphere
  • Tailgates 
  • Pre Match activations
  • Mid match chants / hype

Expand Free Jacks reach: 

  • Social media page promoting FJ related events (rugby & non rugby)
  • Bring the energy for watch parties for away matches

Difference between Free Jacks Fan Chapter and a Free Jacks Supporter Group? 

Supporter Groups are intimately involved in match day festivals and include active groups of 50 or more members. Supporters Groups also have a seat on the Free Jacks Community Board. Free Jacks Fan Chapters are a minimum of 5 people and can be anywhere in the world. You may be a member of multiple Fan Chapters and Supporters Groups. 


How to start your own supporters group

Free Jacks hold our team, staff, fans, and community to the highest standards, and as we all continue to grow this amazing experience and share with others we expect all recognized supporter groups to do the same.  To become an officially recognized Free Jacks Supporters Group, the following requirements must be met:

  • Minimum of 50 season members.
  • Established board of elected leadership and bylaws. 
  • Logo and name must be approved by Free Jacks.
  • Commitment to supporting the Free Jacks Foundation and / or other local charities. 
  • Formal agreement stating the group’s commitment to the Free Jacks Way; to the organization’s commitment to community, hard work, and joy; and to the values and ethos of the game of rugby
  • Uphold and enforce the Free Jacks Code of Conduct amongst its members.
  • Embrace all who are willing to support Free Jacks no matter race, national origin, religion, political view, sexual orientation or gender; violence and prejudice will never be tolerated.
  • Be respectful to all other Free Jacks supporters, opposing fans, players, staff, referees, city officials, and others, at matches, online, or anywhere else; this includes all other supporter groups in the MLR.
  • Monthly communication with Free Jacks staff to help stay updated with the what is going on with the club, community and other supporter groups.
  • Provide the office with proof of all parties in the group.

Please reach out to Community & Academy, Thomas Grant, to apply. 


Benefits of being a recognized supporter group for Free Jacks

  • Recognized through the Free Jacks webpage and social media sources.
  • Exclusive inside communication with staff and players.
  • Representation on the Free Jacks Community Board. 
  • Granted a limited license to utilize the official Free Jacks Supporters Group logo. 


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