QUINCY, MA – The New England Free Jacks are excited to announce their partnership with a
fellow 1% For the Planet member, HOTSHOT, for the 2022 season. HOTSHOT will provide the
Free Jacks with its performance product to prevent cramps and soreness. HOTSHOT will also be
incorporated in the Free Jacks social media pages and commercial broadcasts.
“HOTSHOT has been a game changer for our players so far this year” said Strength and
Conditioning Coach Ewan Brumwell. “Their HOTSHOT for Muscle Cramps is integral during our
matches and their new HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness helps speed up the recovery process after
lifting and training.”

HOTSHOT is a scientifically backed sports shot drink that fights soreness and prevents muscle
cramps. HOTSHOT for Muscle Cramps is made with a strong blend of spices that has been
scientifically proven to prevent muscle cramps when taken 15 to 30 minutes before a workout
begins and can stop an active cramp within a few minutes if taken during a cramping episode.
HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness is amped up with all natural, plant-based ingredients that are
proven to help stimulate the body’s nitric oxide production leading to a decrease in soreness
and a faster recovery for athletes. HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness works to supply a calming
signal to the spinal cord and nerves during exercise which can contribute to post workout

“HOTSHOT is proud to continue to support the New England Free Jacks this season”
commented Matt Wohl, President and CEO of HOTSHOT.” As a Boston based company, we are
always looking for more ways to support our community and are proud we have been able to
keep the Free Jacks cramp free and continue to do so. Now with HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness,
we can’t wait to keep their soreness at bay and their training routine on track!”
The Free Jacks are looking forward to having a strong second half of the season after their
victory over the Seattle Seawolves on April 9th. The next home game at Veterans Memorial
Stadium will be on April 30th against the Utah Warriors. The Free Jacks will then take on Old
Glory DC on May 7th at home.

About HOTSHOT: Originally invented by Rod MacKinnon, a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist
and endurance athlete, HOTSHOTTM now offers nerve-based solutions for pre and post workout
that are scientifically proven to prevent and treat muscle cramps and help reduce muscle
soreness. A scientific breakthrough in sports nutrition, HOTSHOT Sports Shots harness the
power of heat in a proprietary formulation of organic ingredients designed to help keep an
athlete’s nerves and muscles working together in an optimal way and to aid in muscle
recovery. It’s the only Sports Shot designed specifically to influence and regulate hyperactive
nerve function during and after exercise to stop muscle cramps and reduce muscle soreness
where they start – at the nerve – allowing athletes to push harder, finish stronger and recover
faster. All HOTSHOT Sport Shots are non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten free and NSF Certified for
Sport®. To learn more, visit TeamHOTSHOT.com. HOTSHOT is a product of Cliff-Cartwright

About New England Free Jacks: The Free Jacks are an aspiring and innovative live events,
media, and consumer products organization. The core brand in the portfolio is The New England
Free Jacks, the humble hard-working free-spirited professional rugby team competing in the
emergent and exhilarating Major League Rugby (MLR), the premier North American professional
rugby competition. For more information, please visit www.FreeJacks.com.

Major League Rugby: Major League Rugby (MLR) is a professional rugby league, launched in
April 2018. It is an initiative of the American rugby community, in partnership with private
investors, who believe that American rugby can thrive at the highest levels—as a commercial
enterprise; as an influential player on the international scene; and as a participation sport at the
youth and senior level. MLR is the pinnacle of American rugby, and provides a rallying point for
local communities, a focal point for American rugby fans, and an aspirational destination for
young athletes. For more information, please visit https://www.majorleague.rugby/.

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