Free Jacks General Manager on the conclusion of the recent Elite Performance Preseason Camp that took place over the past two and a half weeks:

“Here at the Free Jacks Performance Center our 17 day Elite Performance Preseason Camp has just come to a close before the holiday period.

The camp served to immerse a group of 30 talented players, a mix of contracted, development, and the best of collegiate and club players in the area to a demanding training stimulus. Notably, Belmont High School student Asa Rosenmeier was in attendance having recently toured with the USA Under 18 program. 

We enjoyed welcoming a handful of our Canadian Internationals in Andrew Quattrin, Cole Keith and Conor Keys. Equally, Tomas Casares this year’s 2nd round MLR draft pick has settled on well and Willis Goodwin, development player from the USA selects impressed. 

Players were able to utilize our state of the art new facilities and get a taste of the demands of our program ahead of the MLR season, aptly preparing our contracted players for pre-season. A big well done to our coaches and staff in manning the effort.”

The Free Jacks will look to ramp things up for the official 2023 preseason come January.

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