To those in the know, the Free Jacks not only offer an exciting sports experience but also provide a unique blend of entertainment, community engagement, and a sense of belonging.

In season one episode one of the 2023 Free Jacks documentary “Proven”, CEO Alex Magleby describes what fans can expect at Free Jacks Festivals:

“We see rugby … as a perfect tool to bring communities together. And music is a part of that. Good food is a part of that. Good drinks are a part of that. Bringing the community together to have those experiences together. Watch awesome rugby. Having community rugby going on all day so that people can see that pathway and have that experience together. I think that’s really, really cool. There’ll be a lot of people here today who hadn’t experienced rugby two years ago.”

– Free Jacks CEO, Alex Magleby: Season 1, episode 1 “Proven”.

So, what does it mean to be a Season Member? Well, that’s what The Free Jacks call their season ticket holders. Why? Because as a Free Jacks Season Member you get so much more than rugby. 

Let’s break down what makes being a Free Jacks Season Member so special. 

1. Best Value in Boston Sports:
Becoming a New England Free Jacks Season Member is about getting the best value for your entertainment dollars. With a variety of events and activities included in the season package, fans can enjoy full day festivals filled with excitement, making it the most cost-effective option among Boston sports offerings. Check out Free Jacks season Member pricing and ticket packages here. 

2. Beer Fests and Beer Tasting:
For those who appreciate a good brew, cider or seltzer; Free Jacks games go beyond the try line with vibrant beer festivals and tastings. Savor the finest craft beers while soaking in the electrifying atmosphere of rugby festivals. Powered by our Local Craft Partners: Vitamin Sea Brewing, Widow Maker BrewingBreak Rock Brewing, Baxter Brewing and Stormalong Cider the Free Jacks beer fests are just one more reason why becoming a season ticket holder is an experience like no other.

3. Featured Music Acts:

Music aficionados, rejoice! Esteemed music acts add a pulsating rhythm to the festivities, enhancing the overall entertainment and value for season ticket holders. It’s not just about sports; it’s about holistic and varied entertainment experiences that make you excited to come back every week to enjoy a different theme, taste, and sound.

4. The Free Jacks Players:

Meet the stars on and off the field. The Free Jacks boast an impressive lineup of players from around the world, and as a season ticket holder, you get access to player interactions, autograph sessions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the life of a Free Jack. Feel a true connection with the team and witness their journey to success.

5. Community Rugby:
The heart of the Free Jacks lies in community rugby. Embrace the sport’s ethos of inclusivity and camaraderie. Alex Magleby, Free Jacks CEO, captures it perfectly: “We see rugby, sports in general, but really rugby, as a perfect tool to bring communities together.” Experience the joy of community rugby and be a part of something bigger than just a game.

6. Supporting Quincy and the South Shore:
Beyond the sports arena, being a Free Jacks Season Member means supporting the city of Quincy, the surrounding South Shore neighborhoods, and more broadly the six great states of New England. From Veterans Memorial Stadium to the Quincy waterfront, immerse yourself in the local community, and contribute to the growth of rugby in the region.

7. Join a Championship Team:
In 2023 the Free Jacks won the Major League Rugby Championship, and there has never been more buzz around the team to go back after another title. After three full seasons in the MLR the Free Jacks have the combined best winning percentage across all teams in the league. Tom Kindley, Free Jacks General Manager shares,

“Winning the Championship last year was a moment that put beaming smiles across the faces of players, staff and supporters alike. Partly because we knew the Championship was testament to the four-plus years of effort poured in by our players and staff to get the program to the level it had got to. We are motivated to replicate that feeling, which will only be possible if we continue to improve our level of operations from our environment, to our training, to our game day experience. From the moment players arrived at Headquarters this year there has been massive energy and a competitive buzz in the air. Everyone knows we are building something truly special here and we’re excited by the opportunity to compete and bring joy once more.”
– Tom Kindley, General Manager

What Our Members say: 

Joining the community of Season Members has been appealing to many fans in 2023, none more than John Gallagher. Upon asking John what made him decide to become a season member he shared

“This is my first year as a season member; I was just missing out on so much fun by not attending every game.” 
– John Gallagher

This sentiment is shared by Members old and new. Greg Owens, a veteran Season Member, shared what he loves about attending all 8 home games at Veterans Memorial Stadium:

“You can take the day; get to the upper lot early, enjoy the tailgate, head into Fort Quincy [Veterans Memorial Stadium] – where only one other team besides the Free Jacks have ever won. Enjoy the beer fest and the warmup band. The boisterous First Regiment et. al. comes rolling in with war paint and war drums, battle ready to the sound of thundering pregame hits; kids are everywhere meeting players, developing skills, playing games; and all this before the kick off!! Post-game concert, meet and greet, then head to the Quincy waterfront for a stroll and some clamcakes and chowdah feet in the water; snap a few pics with the Boston skyline, and then back up to Main Street for hot pot, fish balls, bubble tea, etc. and maybe back to the Upper Lot to catch the end of the post-game tailgate.”

– Greg Owens

Cliff & Greg, Free Jacks Season Members discussing what they love about Free Jacks Festivals and Season Tickets. 

Becoming a New England Free Jacks Season Member is not just about rugby; it’s about embracing a community, enjoying entertainment beyond the sport, and being part of a growing legacy. As CEO Alex Magleby rightly puts it, rugby is a tool to bring communities together, and the Free Jacks have perfected that craft. Join the Free Jacks family and make every game day an unforgettable experience.

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