Free Jacks Reserves

As representing members of the Independents, the premiere Free Jacks Academy team, you have the invitation to join the fold of our organization and become a Free Jacks Reserve. By signing this document, you will gain access to a number of benefits outlined below exclusive to our capped
academy players, with the stipulation that you fulfill all obligations listed. As Free Jacks Reserves you will be representatives of the program within your
communities, lighting the way for the future of the academy pathway and being the front line of support for our teams, from Junior Jacks to the Free Jacks Senior Team. Whether on the pitch in the stands, you will be the foremost flag-bearers of the Free Jacks’ mission and legacy.


• Ability to take home all kit from this All-Stars Tournament free of cost.
• Season membership to the Brigade Section for all Free Jacks 2023 home matches.
• Special recognition in Free Jacks media.

• Make a post on Instagram or Facebook about this tournament, mentioning the Free Jacks and the upcoming season, tagging the Free
Jacks so that we may confirm completion before the end of the tournament.
• Re-share Free Jacks Senior Team match information whenever posted on social media (IG stories) and encourage others to attend.
• Be upstanding representatives of the program when at Free Jacks events.

• Failure to comply with this agreement or uphold the obligations will result in a revocation of your Reserve status and Season Membership.
• Should you choose to not sign this agreement, you must pay $160 before the end of the tournament or else return all items before you leave.
Payment can be made here:

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