Tom Brusati


Height: 5’9” ー Weight: 175 lbs. ー San Rafael, California

Tom graduates from Saint Mary’s University with a degree in business administration. At Saint Mary’s, Brusati honed his skills as a scrum half with two current MLR half-backs, Sean Yacoubian (Free Jacks) and Holden Yungert (NOLA Gold).

A versatile and athletic player, Brusati is known for his speed and agility around the field, frequenting the wing when required. Tom was pivotal in steering Saint Mary’s to a 10-0 2019-2020 season, receiving California All-Conference first-team honors along the way.

Hailing from San Rafael, California, Tom, one of four boys, comes from a sporting family that owns and manages a small sporting goods store. At Terra Linda High School, San Rafael, it was through his Mom’s guidance that he needed to find a new sport to play that Tom started playing rugby. Tom played all four seasons at Terra Linda High and helped the varsity side reach nationals all three years he was in the side.

The Free Jacks are excited to welcome Tom to the New England area and see him join the exciting raft of collegiate additions from the 2020 graduating class.

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