Invitation to the Junior Jacks programs is dependent on demonstrated commitment on and off the field, in-form ability, and dedicated desire to improve. Participants in the tracking program, Free Jacks camps, and skills clinics may be invited to participate in future Junior Jacks competition programs.

The Junior Jacks program aims to provide high performance training opportunities to young players looking to advance their rugby and provides a clear pathway for players who show the required potential, ability and desire to reach the professional Major League Rugby team as a homegrown player.

The program invites young players around New England to compete and train together within the Free Jacks high performance environment. With access to world-class coaching, skill development, and competition, players will receive an unparalleled development environment to pursue high performance rugby.

Travel the world with the Junior Jacks world tour. Annual age-specific tours will take select players on the Junior Jacks squads around the world to experience rugby at the global level. Be a part of the culminating experience to learn from and compete with rugby teams around the world.

With education and futures in mind, the program will look to assist athletes in pursuing opportunities to play rugby at top colleges and universities in the United States.