A Letter To Free Jacks Fans, From Head Coach, Scott Mathie

March 5, 2024

Free Jacks Family,

It was great for us to eventually put into practice all the hard work we have been getting through in the pre-season. Our trip to Charlotte was a patchy affair and resembled much of what early season fixtures are known for. We, however, were able to score some excellent tries and were able to see some new players don the Free Jack uniform for the first time. 

The biggest challenge every team faces early in the season is ensuring how efficiently and effectively they can assimilate their new players into their style of play and operating standards of the team. This is never an easy task for new players as they also have to navigate their adjustment to a new environment. These players face a new culture, climate, style of play, and new standards. Added to that they join a team who are the incumbent champions, which in itself adds another layer of expectation, a pressure that we are excited to embrace. We pride ourselves on the high standards we have set as a group, which is driven exceptionally by our senior players. These standards are based on our core values: humble and hardworking, hungry, and fun. It’s always a good reflection on these standards when new players take a while longer to consistently measure up to them, but given the group we have we are confident that it’s a matter of time before they do. 

As we spend a lot of time creating and measuring new ways to explore this growth we understand that unless we are all connected and feel a greater sense of belonging to the team, we won’t achieve our potential, so we continue to create opportunities to connect as teammates through our various in-house competitions, themes, and social engagements. But this connection extends way beyond just the team dynamic and reaches out further to a belonging to this town of ours, Quincy, and all the people in it, and then stretching out to all the states of New England. We are here to represent you as best as we can, by displaying characteristics we believe exemplify what it is to be a New Englander: toughness and grit. Added to that our desire to score tries should make for a product we believe you can be proud of. Bringing joy to whoever decides to give this great game a go. 

As we embark on this new season, we are learning that every season is completely new, and each game is sacred. Everything we want and desire has to be earned with hard work and sacrifice. We have a very selfless team that is laying a foundation for another successful season. We cannot wait to play in front of the Free Jacks faithful this weekend as we open our home at Fort Quincy for the 2024 season.


Free Jacks Home Opener – Champtoberfest

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