7 Regional Tracking Days to be held over the next four weeks are designed to localize rugby opportunities to learn to play, develop, and be identified for Junior Jacks and New England Independents programs.

BOSTON – October 6, 2020 – The Free Jacks Academy today announced seven Regional Tracking Days throughout New England to spearhead participation, development and identification for the Junior Jacks and New England Independents for both girls and boys, men and women. The Tracking Days consist of learn-to-play programs, to increase the number of participants across the region, as well as development and identification for age grade and men and women club players to earn invitation to the Academy’s Junior Jacks and Independents performance development teams.

The Free Jacks Academy operates 13 Regional Training Groups that collaborate with rugby infrastructure (clubs, school, state-based organizations) to deliver on its mission of enhancing the rugby experience for those that currently play and to also increase the number of participants in the game. The Free Jacks Academy is designed for domestic-based high school, college, or club athletes and coaches, who should have additional rugby experiences in a long-term program to enhance their club experiences and to reach their rugby performance goals.

“The structure of the Regional Training Groups (RTGs) is designed as much as possible so that most anyone in New England can jump in a vehicle and be at a high quality event with learn to play, or development and identification opportunities across all ages and genders within an hour,” explained Free Jacks Performance Manager, Tom Kindley. “Players in New England will be evaluated at RTGs at least four times per year in respect to certain criteria under the Free Jack approach, with the goal of tracking progression, enhancing development and selecting to the Junior Jacks and Independents.”

The Free Jack Academy’s Regional Tracking Days will serve as an initial identification opportunity for selection to the Junior Jacks and Independents performance development teams for 2021 programs: boys and girls, men and women at the U16s, U18s, U20s and 21 years and older age-bands. On a quarterly basis, Tracking Days will be held in each RTG to provide continuous on-hand feedback to athletes as well as on-going opportunities to earn invitation into the Academy teams. 

Participants can register for the learn to play, age grade and independents tracking days at freejacks.com/events


About The Free Jacks:  The Free Jacks are an aspiring and innovative live events, media, and consumer products organization. The core brand in the portfolio is The New England Free Jacks–the humble hard-working free-spirited professional rugby team competing in the emergent and exhilarating Major League Rugby (MLR), the premier North American professional rugby competition. For more information please visit www.FreeJacks.com

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