Select group of U16 & U18 Boys and Girls Identified from Regional Training Groups for December Training

BOSTON – November 25, 2020 – The Free Jacks Academy announced today the selection of a preliminary group of 85 players at Under-16 and Under-18 levels to participate in Junior Jacks performance sessions this December. Players were selected following a series of highly successful Tracking Days, connecting 13 Regional Training Groups throughout New England this autumn.

“We are excited to bring together the preliminary Junior Jacks Training Squads to give these athletes exposure to a higher level of training. We understand many athletes we have seen to date are just beginning their rugby journeys and are not quite ready for this next step so we look forward to seeing their growth–per their feedback assessments–at a future Tracking Day,” stated Free Jacks Performance Manager, Tom Kindley. “As importantly, we are aware there have been many players unable to attend the Tracking Days in the current climate. As such this is just the first wave of evaluation and there will be a lot more opportunities for players to be seen moving forward.”

Since announcing the Regional Training Groups, the Free Jacks Academy has held 10 Tracking Days and have connected with over 2000 players and coaches. Free Jacks Tracking Days are designed to teach the game, boost participation, develop players’ ability to execute fundamental skills, and assess performance to identify talent at the higher levels. As importantly, Tracking Days provide an opportunity for Free Jacks staff to collaborate with local coaches, administrators, and bodies and conduct a needs analysis of each region to ensure the long-term progress of the game in each region.

Participants at Under-16, Under-18, Under-20, and Independents (adult) levels have been coached and evaluated on six core contact-free skills instilled from the grassroots all the way to the senior team. The current skill curriculum includes iterations of catch pass, defensive tracking, evasion, attack and defensive lines, and kicking fundamentals.  

“It has been monumental for our Academy staff to begin to implement the ‘Free Jacks Way’ from a technical standpoint across New England,” said Free Jacks head coach Ryan Martin. “The athletes are learning that we are looking at the same skills and execution all the way through the pathway to the senior and national teams.”

As well as developing player talent, the Free Jacks have been encouraged by the talent emerging through the coaching ranks in New England as observed during the RTG process. Over 50 coaches and administrators have assisted in the success of the tracking days to date across the region. 

“It is imperative that we develop the standard of coaching and are as available a resource as possible,” noted Martin. “We have been able to establish an initial coaching group of 10-12 to work with our Under 16’s and Under 18’s where we will be able to work with these coaches on a more personal level. We look forward to adding to that coaching pool in the coming months. Additionally, it has been fantastic to see the quality of female coaches coming through in our region as it is vital for our athletes to have female role models.”

Safety will be an absolute priority through the December Junior Jacks performance sessions with Massachusetts state guidelines strictly adhered to and COVID monitored closely. Key practices include, strictly monitored pre-session screening, mandatory masks, non-contact training, and modified session make-ups to ensure participant safety.

For players not selected for this December’s Junior Jacks performance sessions, there will be multiple identification and development opportunities ahead, including on-going Tracking Days in each RTG, and as importantly performing well within local teams, whether that is school, collegiate or club.  

The Free Jacks Academy have also selected an initial wider group of 59 men and women of regional interest at the Under-20 and the Independents (adult) levels with plans for these groups to assemble in 2021. 

“It has been a busy few months for the Free Jacks building out a comprehensive Academy structure,” said Kindley. “We are grateful to those who have worked so hard at a local level to assist in the safe and smooth-running of Academy events to date. It is an exciting time in New England and seems that rugby is most certainly on the up.”
Players selected in the Under 16 and 18 age groups are eligible to sign up for the December Training Sessions on December 5th, 12th and 19th. Link to register can be found here. For those interested in attending but haven’t been able to attend a tracking day, they can sign up to the watchlist.

About The Free Jacks:  The Free Jacks are an aspiring and innovative live events, media, and consumer products organization. The core brand in the portfolio is The New England Free Jacks–the humble hard-working free-spirited professional rugby team competing in the emergent and exhilarating Major League Rugby (MLR), the premier North American professional rugby competition. For more information please visit

New England Players Of Regional Interest

Age GroupFirst NameLast NameClubRTG
Under 16 BoysBraxtonBlindSouth Shore SharksSilver Sharks
Under 16 BoysBrennanBlindSouth Shore SharksSilver Sharks
Under 16 BoysColtonBlindSouth Shore SharksSilver Sharks
Under 16 BoysRoméoBONNARDNewport RugbyMutineers
Under 16 BoysNickBrescioSt John’s Prep/Mystic RiverCobblers
Under 16 BoysAlexBrescioMystic RiverCobblers
Under 16 BoysRyanBurnsWrentham BarbariansAlarm
Under 16 BoysGinoCarusoneStaples High SchoolNight Watch
Under 16 BoysSamsonConnellyWrentham BarbariansAlarm
Under 16 BoysEoinCuddyStaples High SchoolNight Watch
Under 16 BoysZacharyCuddySouth Shore SharksSilver Sharks
Under 16 BoysAnthonyDesautelsFairfield Rugby ClubNight Watch
Under 16 BoysVincentDesautelsFairfield Rugby ClubNight Watch
Under 16 BoysAidanFeeneyBoston Irish WollfhoundsAlarm
Under 16 BoysLucasFloydSouth Shore SharksSilver Sharks
Under 16 GirlsAnnaLiseFloydSouth Shore SharksSilver Sharks
Under 16 BoysDeclanFosterLightfoots
Under 16 BoysJackHeltonIsland RugbyMutineers
Under 16 GirlsHalleHuntFairfield Rugby ClubNight Watch
Under 16 GirlsSkylarJordanBoston Irish WollfhoundsAlarm
Under 16 BoysChaseKennedyEssex County BulldogsCobblers
Under 16 GirlsCaseyKingLincoln SudburyAlarm
Under 16 BoysMaclanKnoxFairfield Rugby ClubNight Watch
Under 16 GirlsAveryLairdFairfield Rugby ClubNight Watch
Under 16 GirlsSarahLooneyWeymouth HighSilver Sharks
Under 16 BoysGuinessMacKinnonCatholic MemorialAlarm
Under 16 BoysFinnMcArdleStaples High SchoolNight Watch
Under 16 BoysNathanielmonsonNight Watch
Under 16 BoysSamPirklNight Watch
Under 16 BoysAlexPirklNight Watch
Under 16 BoysJamiePressdeeNight Watch
Under 16 GirlsJocelynRileyFairfield Rugby ClubNight Watch
Under 16 GirlsEllaRothhaarWrentham BarbariansAlarm
Under 16 BoysAidanSabin-whiteSouth shore sharksSilver Sharks
Under 16 BoysDennisSalmondNight Watch
Under 16 GirlsLaneSchanzerStaples High SchoolNight Watch
Under 16 BoysFinniganSchwoebelIsland RugbyMutineers
Under 16 BoysJamesSullivanAmoskeag RugbyCobblers
Under 16 BoysLeoVenablesAspetuck High SchoolNight Watch
Under 16 GirlsJenivon BartheldStaples High SchoolNight Watch
Under 16 BoysAndrewebsterNight Watch
Under 16 GirlsAvonleaWoodFairfield Rugby ClubNight Watch
Under 16 BoysJonahYangSouth Shore SharksSilver Sharks
Under 18 BoysGarrettArnoldHanover High SchoolSilver Sharks
Under 18 GirlsLaineyBechtaAlgonquin High SchoolLightfoots
Under 18 GirlsAvaBenzenSt Mary’s High SchoolAlarm
Under 18 BoysUlyssesBrenzelBoston Irish WolfhoundsAlarm
Under 18 BoysJeffreyCaresBishop Hendricken HSMutineers
Under 18 BoysJacksonChudzikWest Hartford Black HeartsNight Watch
Under 18 GirlsGiannaContiWeymouth High SchoolAlarm
Under 18 BoysGianniCoraciRidgefield High SchoolNight Watch
Under 18 BoysDylanGarraStaples High SchoolNight Watch
Under 18 BoysTylerGreeneRidgefield High SchoolNight Watch
Under 18 BoysShaneHackettWeymouth High SchoolSilver Sharks
Under 18 BoysAsherHawkLincoln SudburyAlarm
Under 18 BoysSamuelJamiesonAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 BoysNafitalaiKalaniuvaluAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 BoysPatrickKennedyEssex County BulldogsCoblers
Under 18 BoysLoganLachemannRidgefield High SchoolNight Watch
Under 18 BoysChaseLedburyLightfoots
Under 18 BoysNickMartinBoston College HighAlarm
Under 18 BoysTomasMcDonoughAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 BoysMichaelMcEvoyAlgonquin Regional High SchoolLightfoots
Under 18 BoysNickMcEvoyAlgonquin Regional High SchoolLightfoots
Under 18 BoysJehronMcGeeAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 BoysPeterMoodyStaples High SchoolNight Watch
Under 18 BoysDanMuellerWrentham BarbariansAlarm
Under 18 GirlsLupinetiNetaneAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 BoysJeremiahNoaeseAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 BoysSeanNortonBoston Irish WolfhoundsAlarm
Under 18 GirlsAngelinaPohahauAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 BoysNickPriorStaples High SchoolNight Watch
Under 18 BoysJaydenRenehanAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 GirlsKeirstenReynoldsAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 BoysDevonSaundersStaples High SchoolNight Watch
Under 18 BoysBrandonSaundersStaples High SchoolNight Watch
Under 18 GirlsMeganSchleyerAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 BoysCorbinSmithFairfield Rugby ClubNight Watch
Under 18 BoysAidanSmithFairfield Rugby ClubNight Watch
Under 18 GirlsAnjaSolteszScituate High SchoolSilver Sharks
Under 18 BoysKevinSplanNight Watch
Under 18 BoysMichaelSwantonMilton High SchoolAlarm
Under 18 GirlsAshleyTarisAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 18 BoysJacksonTrotterRidgefield High SchoolNight Watch
Under 18 BoysChrisValdezCatholic MemorialAlarm
Under 18 BoysJoelVenablesAspetuck High SchoolNight Watch
Under 18 BoysWillYinglingExeter High SchoolCobblers
Under 20 BoysJulianBarreraAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 BoysKaimanaBelusoAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 GirlsJessBerggrenAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 BoysSethBrewsterAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 BoysAJCiprianoUniversity of New EnglandSea Serpents
Under 20 BoysOwenClarkeNight Watch
Under 20 BoysDarrianDarlingPortland RFCSea Serpents
Under 20 GirlsGraceGarciaAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 BoysHenryGoodmanAlarm
Under 20 GirlsYasmeenGuerrierAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 BoysShaneHardingAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 BoysConradHillesheimAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 GirlsColleenMacAdamAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 BoysFrancisMcNamaraAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 BoysAndrewNanaiUCONNNight Watch
Under 20 BoysOwenPelletierStonehill RugbySilver Sharks
Under 20 GirlsKassidyPothierAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 BoysPaulRockettUniversity of Rhode IslandMutineers
Under 20 GirlsDarleneTafunaAIC RugbyPathfinders
Under 20 BoysShawnVasquezAIC RugbyPathfinders
Independents WomenSialeAlatiniAIC RugbyPathfinders
Independents WomenKatieAlden KiehlNorth ShoreCobblers
Independents MenZavianArroyoAIC RugbyPathfinders
Independents MenDarylBagleyAIC RugbyPathfinders
Independents MenMattBigelowCentral Maine StripersSea Serpents
Independents MenKeeganBlissUniversity of Vermont MenChamps
Independents MenBenjaminComeauNorth Shore RedsCobblers
Independents MenCarmConsolinoAIC RugbyPathfinders
Independents MenKarimEl-SayedNorth Shore RugbyCobblers
Independents MenChristopherFerrignoUniversity of Rhode islandMutineers
Independents MenDavidFraioliURI RFCMutineers
Independents MenJonathanGrzeszczykFairfield YankeesNight Watch
Independents MenMasonHenleyPortland Rugby Football ClubSea Serpents
Independents MenPaulJaniszewskiBoston Irish WolfhoundsAlarm
Independents MenNolanJoyceUniversity of Vermont Mens RugbyChamps
Independents MenBenKlauFairfeild YankeesNight Watch
Independents MenGavinLeeUpper Valley Mountain MenRiver Rangers
Independents MenAdamMartignettiAIC RugbyPathfinders
Independents MenJamesMcBrideURI RFCMutineers
Independents MenRyanMcCormickUniversity of New HampshireMutineers
Independents MenLoisMorelUniversity of Rhode IslandMutineers
Independents MenLeonMoultrieSpringfield RiflesPathfinders
Independents MenAlexanderNanaiUCONNNight Watch
Independents MenJoeNeveuxMystic RiverCobblers
Independents MenJaredNicklasNorth Shore RugbyCobblers
Independents MenKyleParkerUniversity of New HampshireMutineers
Independents WomenAllysonPothierAIC RugbyPathfinders
Independents MenKeithRaumProvidence Rugby ClubMutineers
Independents MenGarethRobertsSea Serpents
Independents MenMorganRojasPortland Rugby ClubSea Serpents
Independents MenNathanSchultzCentral Maine StripersSea Serpents
Independents MenThomasShamboMerrimack College Rugby ClubCobblers
Independents MenNicholasSommerWilliams CollegePine rioters
Independents MenTristianTouchetteBurlington Men’s ClubChamps
Independents MenRobertWalkerCape Cod RugbySilver Sharks
Independents MenNickWallacePathfindersPathfinders
Independents MenTimWilkinsonNorth Shore RugbyCobblers
Independents MenWyliewoodUpper Valley Mountain MenRiver Rangers

Junior Jacks Academy Staff

RoleFirst NameLast NameClub
DirectorRyanMartinFree Jacks
AdvisorJamesWillocksFree Jacks
AdvisorJoshSmithFree Jacks
AdministratorTomKindleyFree Jacks
AdministratorOliverEngelhartFree Jacks
AdministratorDaveRudzinskyMystic River
AdministratorPadraicMcDonoughWolfhounds/Hanover High
AdministratorRobChudzikNight Watch
CoachKareemAfifiFree Jacks/BC High
CoachTFletcherAIC Rugby/Beantown
CoachOliviaBenzan-DanielBeantown/Brandeis University
CoachMorganRinakamaNorth Shore
CoachEdMcKennaColby Sawyer
CoachKayneBubbMystic River
CoachPaulCartyBC High
CoachThomasClarkMystic River
CoachPaigeStathopoulosBoston RFC/Eagles Pool
CoachJennyKronishEagles Pool
CoachPeceliRinakamaFree Jacks
CoachKyleCiqueraFree Jacks
CoachMitchWilsonFree Jacks
CoachStevenHinshawFree Jacks
CoachJonKokindaMystic River
CoachAdamZilcoskiBoston Irish Wolfhounds


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