What to know before you go: Mixtape Festival

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april 20 • MIXTAPE festival

The time has come to relive your youth, grab your boom box, load up a fresh cassette and party like it’s 1985. Here’s what to know before you go. 

Inspired by the 80s classic rock, the time has come to relive your youth, grab your boom box, load up a fresh cassette and party like it’s 1985. We will have you experiencing the best of the go-go decade–from  MTV, to mix tapes, to metal. Bring your mullets, makeup, and acid washed jeans as we enjoy together the sweet buzz of an epic 80s revival.

Let’s get back to the future as we infuse hair bands, acid wash denim, metal and mauls. 

 Feel good vibes, Great drinks, Smooth dancing and Dreamy costumes 

festival time line

🏉 8:30 am
Trailblazers ToUrnament

The New England Free Jacks are excited to bring together the club rugby community this spring through the Women’s Trailblazers Trophy Tournament. This event will showcase the fantastic club rugby scene that New England has to offer.

🏉 11:30 am
Independents vs Atlantic

The New England Independents take on the Atlantic Privateers. 

🔎 11:30am

Explorers Kids Club begins

Games, learn to play inflatables, face painting and fun!


Hott smoke BBQ & bars open

Quincy’s own Hott Smoke BBQ will by cranking the big smoker and the grill in the Fan Zone.


bars & concessions open

Grab a drink at the bar from 12:00pm.

ipa & friends fest

Festival goers sipping on award winning beers will enjoy the neon pulse of leg warmers throbbing with every air-guitar thrust as glitter cascades down leather jackets in the crisp spring air of Fort Quincy.

🎸 12:30pm

THE BRAT PACK Play Live from the Fan Zone

The Brat Pack will be performing all your favorite 80s hits from the fan zone!

🏉 2:00PM

Free Jacks take on seattle seawolves

Free Jacks take on Seattle Seawolves in the 2024 Coffee Cup. Seawolves are currently league points leaders, so be sure not to miss this action packed challenge.  

🎉 4:00PM

aquanett play live from the field

There’s no better community experience in sports than a Free Jacks Post Match Party. After the final whistle, fans, players, owners, opposition and the Quincy community are welcomed to the field to continue the fun.

festival program

For more info about the festival and rugby match, check out the Free Jacks Festival Program at program.freejacks.com


For more opportunities to engage with the Free Jacks community, stay updated on future Free Jacks matches, festivals, and announcements through the Free Jacks’ news page: www.freejacks.com/news

Written By:

Oliver Gilpin

Director of Brand and Creative @ New England Free Jacks

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